Job hunting is difficult. Over the years I've built up a list of questions I like to ask in interview meetings to try and get an understanding of the company, the culture and the team. I don't ask all the questions but use this list as a guideline. ### The high-level questions * What does the company do? * How big is the company? * What is the actual role? * How many people are on the team? * Who would I be reporting to? * What is the salary package or salary range? * What is the hiring process? * What is your leave policy for vacation, sick, and parental? * If unlimited leave - I typically like to take _X_ number of days of leave a year, is that ok? ### Questions related to the team and work delivery process * How does the team view code ownership? * How does the team and company prioritise and plan work? * What is the development process? Sprints? * How many meetings are typical in a week? * How long has the team done remote work? * How remote savvy is the company? * How do the team and company brainstorm, research and plan work? Is this through meetings or RFC’s * Is a meeting the first thing in this process or only if something cannot get resolved? * How does the product team help the development team? * How much autonomy does a developer have? * When are typical meeting times? ### Startup Business related * What is the product market fit for your product? * How do you see me helping you grow your company and market? * How do you get traction and grow the platform? * What are the main focuses for the next few months? * What is the current time before you will need more funding? * Chance of getting funding? * What do you have to do to get that funding?