![[Pasted image 20231209084449.png]] _Restaurant Crag at Waterval Boven_ We spent an amazing few days at [Tegwaan Farm](https://www.tegwaan.co.za/?ref=garrensmith.com) in October. It's located on the escarpment in Waterval Boven. It makes for amazing climbing and hiking. And photography. This trip I wanted to stretch myself and take photos that required a bit more patience and perseverance. I'm happy with the results and I think I managed to achieve that. Below are a few of my favourite photos that I took. I love taking pictures of birds. I find the vibrant colours of their feathers and how they are always busy with something, be it nest building or looking for food always makes for an interesting photo. I spent a peaceful morning sitting at a pond with my family sketching what we saw and also taking a few pictures. I managed to get this picture of this Weaver building his nest. This was day two of his hard work. ![[Pasted image 20231209084526.png]] One evening, we were sitting near another dam. My kids were playing in a sandpit and I was stalking some Bee-eaters. Bee-eaters are incredibly energetic and constantly flying around catching insects, often in mid-flight. This one managed to sit long enough that I could get a photo of it. ![[Pasted image 20231209084546.png]] I spent another afternoon playing with shutter speeds at the small river near our cottage. I've never really done that before, and it was really fun to try out slower and faster speeds to see the water either as a wispy sheet over the rocks or as individual drops splashing over the waterfalls. These two came out really nicely. ![[Pasted image 20231209084603.png]] ![[Pasted image 20231209084608.png]] Finally, with summer coming there are a lot more bugs around. Especially moths at night hovering around any light. We accidentally left an outside light on overnight and in the morning a lot of moths had gathered around it. Some of them had intricate and vivid colours. The red moth below was my favourite. ![[Pasted image 20231209084629.png]]