I've always loved being involved in Opensource projects and communities. My first opensource contribution was a [small spelling correction in RSpec](http://blog.davidchelimsky.net/blog/2010/10/10/rspec-200-is-released/). Seeing my name listed in the change notes was exhilarating. A lot has changed since then, but I still get the same enjoyment contributing to projects that other developers use. Here is a list of communities and projects I've worked on: **Apache CouchDB** I am on the Project Management Commitee. My notible contributions are: 1. The [[Secondary Indexes]] for the attempted CouchDB on FoundationDB 2. Design and implementation of CouchDB Partitions 3. Mango query improvements 4. Architecture design and development of Fauxton the CouchDB user interface **Mobc** Current maintainer of [Mobc](https://github.com/importcjj/mobc). Mobc is a connection pool library for rust projects. During my time at Prisma, I rewrote the internals of Mobc to use Semaphores instead of channels. This fixed a lot of connection issues and bugs during high usage. **Tigris DB** I designed and developed the [[Secondary Indexes]] and background queue and worker system. **Prisma ORM** I worked at Prisma and contributed towards the Prisma query engine. My most notable contribution was rewriting [Interactive Transactions](https://www.prisma.io/docs/guides/performance-and-optimization/prisma-client-transactions-guide) using an Actor model design. This really improved the performance and reliability of the transactions. **PouchDB** [PouchDB](https://pouchdb.com/) is a javascript implementation of CouchDB written in javascript. This was the first real database project. I did a lot of work around the Mango query implementation and the PouchDB express server.