[Official Email](https://buttondown.email/garren/archive/edition-1-january-2024-public-notes-changelog/) This was the first month of creating public notes and I've really enjoyed the process. My plan with this is to write up notes on anything I've researched or learnt during the month. By making it public it forces me to write cleaner and more usable notes for myself and any internet passer-by's. ### New 1. Wrote up [[Transactions and Isolation levels]] 2. Short section on [[FoundationDB]] 3. List of [[My favourite books to read to my kids]] 4. Useful list of [[Job interview questions]] ### Updates 1. Added my old blog posts into the various sections 1. [[Building Resilience by Design]] 2. [[I have more than one brain]] 3. [[Why I own two copies of Designing Data-Intensive Applications]] 4. [[Strong Mind Climbing Course]] 5. [[Oct 2022 - Drone Photography]] 6. [[Nov 2022 - That Lewis Hamilton moment]]