![[IMG_8993.jpg]] _A storm approaching Waterval Boven_ Hello 👋 This is my public notes. A non-linear place full of my ideas, research and work that I have done. My interests are quite varied and change as I discover new things or return to older projects and work. You can find my writings on software development, specifically databases and distributed systems, along with my adventures in Climbing, Photography and Pilates. I am also a homeschooling parent so I also like to add ideas and lessons I've learnt as I walk the journey of educating my children. Click on any of the links on the sidebar to the left to get started of learn more about me on the [[About]] page. ## Highlights 1. [[Postgres Write ahead log]] 2. [[Open-Source Development - Strategies for getting involved]] 3. [[Practicing Pilates]] 4. [[Range queries with Badger]] 5. [[Log Structured Merge Tree]] 6. [[Mountain Bike buying guide]] 7. [[Database Internals]] book review 8. [[Transactions and Isolation levels]] 9. [[Job interview questions]] 10. [[Why I own two copies of Designing Data-Intensive Applications]] ## Stay up to Date Want to know when new content arrives or current notes are updated? Subscribe below to my monthly changelog. I send out a monthly email listing all changes along with a few extra article and book recommendations I have for the month. <iframe scrolling="no" style="width:100%!important;height:220px;border:1px #ccc solid !important" src="https://buttondown.email/garren?as_embed=true" ></iframe> >[!tip] Work in Progress >This space will always be a work in progress. I'll be adding, updating and removing notes as I learn and discover more about each topic.