A Couchdb object mapper for node.js. Removing the repeatable cruft and makes working with Couchdb as fun as it should be.

This project is maintained by garrensmith

LazyBoy: A Couchdb ODM For Node.js


LazyBoy supports multiple ways of finding a specified document or documents for model.

Find All

Find All will return all documents for a specified model. It will return an array with all the documents contained inside.

  User.all(function (err, users) {
    // all users

Find by Id

Finding by the Id will return only one document with the specified document or null if no documents match that Id.

  Blog.find("12345", function (err, blog_post) {
    // do something with the blog post

Find by property

LazyBoy creates some generic views to be used with each model. These can be accessed via the .where and .findFirst property on each model. It takes two arguments, the propery to search by, and the value of the propery to group by.

.where(property, value, function(err, items){} )
- This method always returns an array of the results. The array will be 0 length if none are found. .whereFirst(property, value, function(err, item){} )
- This method always returns a single element, and err is non-null if not found.

  Album.where("band","coldplay", function (err, albums) {

  Album.findFirst("band","coldplay", function (err, album) {
    album. ...

Custom views

It is also possible to create custom views for a specific require of a model. This is done when defining a model.

  var Album = Model.define("Album",{band: String, title: String, rating: Number});

    map: function (doc) {
      if (doc.model_type === 'Album' && === 'Incubus' && doc.rating === 5) {

Then to query that view

  Album.view('BestIncubusAlbums', function (err, albums) {
    //do something with queries 

Chainable queries

Custom View options can be chained together. Query will only be executed once one of the methods receives a callback.

  .startkey([2, "Incubus"])
  .endkey([3, {}])
  .skip(3, function (err, bands) {
   // will only execute the chain when a function has a callback passed to it

The following options to chain together are available.