A Couchdb object mapper for node.js. Removing the repeatable cruft and makes working with Couchdb as fun as it should be.

This project is maintained by garrensmith

LazyBoy: A Couchdb ODM For Node.js


Installation of LazyBoy is done via npm

  npm install LazyBoy

This will install it into your projects ./node_modules directory

Connect to database

The connection to the database must be setup before anything else will work.

There are two ways to defining a connection to the database. Just suppling the database name is designed for quick simple connections. It will create a default connection to the local database.


A options hash can be supplied when more connection parameters are required:

    url: 'database_url',
    port: '443',
    auth: { // not required
      username: 'username',
      password: 'awesome_unique_password'

If any options are not supplied they will be set to the default value.

Loading Models

For LazyBoy to work correctly all the defined models need to be loaded. Calling Model.load() will load all models defined in the file. A better way is to keep all the models in a specific folder and point LazyBoy to that directory. To load the Models then:

Model.load(‘models’, function () { // this cb called once all models have been loaded })

Important to note is that LazyBoy always loads the models folder relatively from the base folder that the node app was started from.