A Couchdb object mapper for node.js. Removing the repeatable cruft and makes working with Couchdb as fun as it should be.

This project is maintained by garrensmith

LazyBoy: A Couchdb ODM For Node.js

Embedding Models

LazyBoy supports basic document relations by embedding other models in the main object.

One to one

To define a model which has another model embedded in it, define as follows

  Owner = Model.define("Owner", {
    name: String
  AddressBook = Model.define("AddressBook", {
    name: String,
    owner: {has_one: Owner}

This will store the Owner modeil inside the address book. However the Owner model will not have a unique id and can only be queried by finding the specific address book that it belongs to.

One to many

LazyBoy can also embed multiple documents in one model, these documents are stored as an array.

  Comment = Model.define("Comment", {
    name: String,
    text: String
  BlogPost = Model.define("BlogPost", {
    title: String,
    comments: {has_many: Comment}