Garren Smith

Announcing Red Comet Labs

1 Aug 2011 - Johannesburg

Today is my first day at Red Comet Labs. So far so good. The dress code is quite relaxed, work seems interesting and the boss is quite a funny guy. Though I could be biased as I am the boss.

I've spent the last 18 months working for Driven Software and its been a fantastic experience. I've learnt quite a lot, especially working with developers and helping teams to achieve agile greatness! However I've reached a point now where I want to spend more time developing. After plenty of thinking and discussing with my wife, I've decided to start my own company.

Red Comet Labs launches today. I'm going to start small and grow the company organically. I'm going to be focusing on doing contract work and freelance work for a while, though I do have some product ideas I am going to pursue. I'm going to stick to projects involving Ruby on Rails and hopefully a little bit of nodejs. I really love the communities that have formed up around these technologies and the collaboration has been a real breath of fresh air compared to other technology stacks that I have worked on.

So if you want to discuss any business opportunities or just wish me luck, please send me a mail.

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