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Announcing Jody, another BDD framework for node

1 Nov 2010 - St Helena

I have been really interested in investigating Nodejs and Javascript. I decided the best way to get to know them would be to write some sort of library for it.

I followed some advice and reinvented the wheel and wrote a BDD framework. I've been reading a beta version of the Rspec book on my kindle so I've tried to use the knowledge I gained from that to help with the api of the framework.

The main aims of the library is to have a nice fluent api. Have matchers like Rspec using Should and to learn Javascript. Also support async testing of callbacks. I'm really happy how it has turned out. I think I have learnt more about Javascript than Nodejs with it but its a good start.

To write it I read a lot of code and so kudo's has to go to TJ and his Expresso, I used that as inspiration for a lot of my implementation.

To install npm install Jody

Please give it a try and let me know what you think. Patches welcome!

Here is the source and a readme to get started

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