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. 21 February 2010 - Johannesburg

I've recently had to do a website for a client. She had a lot of really creative ideas and wanted some nice effects. Initially I thought to be able to create the effects she wanted I would have to use Silverlight or Flash. Neither of them I am that familiar with. After some investigation into javascript I was blown away by the sheer power of it and the great plugins people had written for it. I have only done some minor javascript work so I was not that famliar with it. But it was really easy to get going using the powerful plugins written and using jQuery makes it just plain sweet. Plugins I used:
  1. jQuery The awesomeness.. need I say more.
  2. Yahoo CSS reset This is the first time I have used a css reset. I really liked it and I found it helped me with the website design
  3. The anything slider was used to slide between sections in the website.
  4. The lightBox plugin was used to display the pictures in the gallery. This had great flexibility to resize the images and had a really classy feel and suited the website perfectly.
Before starting this I was quite naive and thought to get a website with fades and dynamic effects I needed Silverlight or Flash. I now realize that this is not true. I think that in most cases with web design, css and javascript is the way to go. Its easy to use, it works with most browsers including iphone and uncomplicated. I have seen some great sites developed with Flash and Silverlight but now I really dont see a reason to learn either technology. After trying to get to learn Silverlight a while back and getting very stuck with XAML, most of it can be replicated in javascript and the learning curve is not as steep. So moral of the story, javascript combined with the power of jQuery gets my stamp of approval
Oh yes, please check out the site and let me know what you think... link
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