Garren Smith

Certified scrum master training day 1

. 26 Feb 2010 - Johannesburg

I'm currently on the certified scrum master training course run by Peter Hundermark of Scrum Sense. It's a two day training course discussing the basic principles of scrum. It's main focus was on the roles of the key players, specifically the role of the scrum master. Day 1 was very interesting, we started out by listing questions we have about scrum and outcomes we would like to get from the course. This was an interesting section and highlighted many concerns and misconceptions around scrum. Peter is an excellent instructor and has some great teaching methods. He constantly keeps everyone involved and helps guide people to the solution rather then telling everyone the answer to any of his questions and tasks.


The topics covered for day one where: Agile principles; roles and responsibilities and meetings. What I have take from the course so far is how important it is to define the roles of the players in the team. Also how important it is to get the team to buy in on the agile principles specifically trust and communication. We also briefly touched on how incentives for individuals don't work when they are in a team. The power of self organizing can never be underestimated.

On a side note from discussions with the other participants it was a gentle reminder of how many people are trying to implement agile principles but are finding it very difficult. I really think the best way to get a team running properly using scrum or any other agile methodology is with an external coach to help them. This will definitely help them get over the initial hurdles and get the team in the correct habits and disciples. I'm looking forward to day two tomorrow. I'll blog again on what happens and give my overall thoughts on the next day.

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