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. 7 Dec 2009 - Johannesburg

Flower of new beginning

Wow, my first post. I think its only polite to introduce myself before I get down to business in the next posts. I've now been working for Driven Software for one month.  Its been a fantastic journey so far and I've been learning so much. My current role is as a scrummaster in one of the agile teams that Driven Software is coaching and helping. It's a great team to work with - a good code base and a really interesting project with lots of potential.

This blog will be focused on my experiences learning and implementing agile principles and methodologies. My main aim will be to mention and highlight things that the textbooks leave out, the tips and tricks that come only with experience and putting Agile into practice. The team I'm working on is using Scrum with some XP methodologies. I am also really interested in Kanban and Lean. I hope to find a way to combine them in an effective way for the teams I work with.

So stay tuned, the fun is about to begin!


*picture courtesty of Deviantart

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