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Curriculum Vitae Retrospective

. 13 Sep 2009 - Johannesburg

I recently had to update my CV or for my American readers, my resume. Initially I had writers block so I avoided it for a couple days. However after some research I eventually stopped procrastinating and got down to it.
A CV is always tricky business as you don't want to come across as a bragger or worse under sell yourself. Finding the correct balance is always tricky. Trying to keep it brief and insightful is important, along with making it appeal to your audience.
I founds some really useful blogs on writing a good, eye catching CV. I certainly think they will appeal to managers as well as fellow developers. If you're in the process of writing your own CV, I'd suggest checking them out:
Max Pool, on his blog Codequeeze has written a nice couple of articles covering some useful topics and he also supplies a nice template to get you started
Rands, on his blog RandinRepose writes about a few key items that need to be included in your CV, in order to catch a manager's eye. I assure you that all of them are absolutely legal! In fact they are incredible gems that will make your CV stand out from all the others in pile.
Writing a CV is also a great retrospective to see what you have achieved since you last updated it. I realised that I am a bit of a Jack of all Trades and probably should look at focusing a bit more.
I strongly recommend updating your CV every 6 months even if its just a way at reflecting on your progress as a developer. Why not just hand it out to friends and family to determine if its a good reflection of you and you never know what contacts will emerge.
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