Garren Smith

Google Android

. 17 Feb 2009 - Johannesburg

After reading an article about a programmer who wrote a app for the iPhone and made half a million dollars in a month, I decided to setup the Google Android SDK on my PC. The advantage of using the Android SDK is that its free to download and develop on with teh added bonus of running on my favorite OS Ubuntu. While Apple being the dominating, control freaks they are charge for their SDK. It was really easy to do setup. These instructions guided me through the process. This link shows you how to run a Hello World with explanations. Once the setup is done running my Hello World app loads up the emulator. The emulator is really impressive with a fully functional Android OS. It was really interesting to try it all out. It should make development of an application a lot easier. I tried out some of the sample applications, this can be done by creating a new Android project in eclipse and including existing code. Now all is required is a phone which runs Android thats available locally. I know there is plenty of work on running Google Android on the beagleboard. So no a bad substitute until one of our Mobile Operators are nice enough to bring in a Android Phone. I've been using WPF, I'm finding it a very powerful UI framework however its also very frustatrating as it is so complex and flexible. WPF uses XAML code which is XML based code for the UI design, its a very powerful way to create UI layouts without having to hard code the UI. It was interesting to see the Android SDK uses a similar approach with their own UI xml layout code. In the next Ubuntu release I'm hoping for the latest MonoDevelop as it includes moonlight which is a OpenSource implementation of Silverlight (WPF/E). Really would like to do some Mono development. See how it compares to developing using Visual Studio on WinXP.
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