Garren Smith

Django and Embedded Linux

. 28 Jan 2009 - Johannesburg

Slowly getting into the swing of things for another year. Crazy that the first month is almost over. I've been pretty busy. I bought an excellent embedded Linux book, number one in the Embedded Section on Amazon. Its been really useful on explaining the intricacies of how Linux works. I've also been trying to read some of the Kernel code. But that is quite hard so pretty slow progress there. I've also been doing some Django dev work. I'm rewriting a website I did in a year ago using Django. The documentation on the website is fantastic on explaining how to use it. I really like the MVC design. Its very logical and I think fits quite appropriatly to designing a website. The only thing now is to find a nice Linux based IDE. I'm so use to Visual Studio from work and I havn't found anything that compares to it yet. Eclipse with PyDev is ok but I'm not quite sold on it. I've so far settled on Geany. If anyone can recommend a good IDE I would really appreciate it. Specially something with good code completion (I'm a little lazy) And finally I've been playing the latest installment of the Prince of Persia series. Really fun, a little repetitive but as good as Assassins Creed.
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