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Book Review Freakonomics

. 01 Jan 2009 - Johannesburg

First off, seasons greetings to everyone and I hope that 2009 will be a great year. It will certainly be an exciting year for South Africans with the Elections, Confederates Cup and our readiness for the Soccer World Cup. I also have to say well done to the Proteas for beating the Aussies. Waking up in the wee hours of the morning have never been so cool.
With Christmas comes presents and one of my favorite presents is a book. So I cant resist talking about Freakonomics which was one of the books stashed in my Christmas loot. Freakonomics is a book written by a journalist and a forward thinking economist. As the authors state this book has no real theme other than taking economic principles and applying them to different situations in life. Each chapter is quite different, the first chapter compares real estate agents to the Klu Klux Klan. This was quite interesting, as I'm in the process of house hunting. The next chapters look at what actually affected the crime rate decrease in America compared to what was stated; the relationship between a crack cocaine gang business model is to Macdonalds; how parents influence their children; and some other interesting and wacky comparisons. Its not a particularly heavy book weighing in at 300 pages. It is well written and quite easy to get through. What I found a bit annoying is that the preface gives away some of what the chapters will talk about and kind of spoils the surprise. So maybe for a first read leave the preface till the end :-) This book is a definite read for people that enjoy intelligent books that are a little left of centre. I would recommend looking for the revised version (same as the picture above) it has some extra content that is worth reading.
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