Garren Smith

OpenEmbedded Beginnings

. 20 Dec 2008 - Johannesburg

I've been quite bad and been neglecting this blog. One of the reason is that Gears of War 2 has been distracting me, I've also been busying reading and tinkering on Django, and of course this time of year is quite crazy. I've finally gotten down to reading up and using OpenEmbedded with my Beagleboard. OpenEmbedded is fantastic as it does a lot of the work for you when it comes to compiling packages and building an image and rootfs for you embedded device. The best way to start using OpenEmbedded is to read the wiki page at the beagleboard wiki. For extra information and to really explain what OpenEmbedded is I recommend reading the user manual. It is a little out dated and incomplete but still very useful. I built the basic console-image first. I came across a slight problem when it came to building the u-boot package. This will be fixed pretty soon but if you try and build one of the images and get the same problem I posted a solution here, that needs to be applied to your $OE_HOME/openembedded/packages/u-boot/ file Now I'm hoping to push on and setup a OpenEmbedded development enviroment and start tinkering with the packages. Finally a beagleboard contest is being setup, I would love to enter. Not sure if I know enough but will try.
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